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So glad you are posting again! Your reviews definitely make me want to read such treasures. I loved Gaiman’s Neverwhere”, and I liked what I saw of an episode of “Good Omens,” so I’m feeling left out having not read it yet. LOL. 😂

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I'm glad to be back! Yay, so happy I could share! If my review didn't already recommend the book enough, I literally started rereading it again after I posted that review 😅

Though I haven't read "Neverwhere" yet and am planning to, I know the '90s show was pretty dark, but "Good Omens" is a lot more lighthearted with some bits of darkness. We get a lot of Terry Pratchett's humor in "Good Omens" :) I'm curious to see what the book version of "Neverwhere" is like!

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